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Il y a quelque semaines ils avaient ( le site de Movie lancé un sondage pour savoir quel était le jeune acteur qui montait le plus dans le milieu du cinéma… Robert Pattinson ( notre Spunky INternational) était dedans  aux côté d’autres comme Daniel Radcliffeet j’en passe. Enfin bref le résultat est là et…


Making the biggest buzz this week is Robert Pattinson, moving up to first place.

The Buzz: After being cut-off unceremoniously at the MTV VMA awards, Pattinson showed us the kind of gentleman he is, never losing his grace and posture for a moment. A furious fan told tMF that the only reason she decided to watch the show was to see Rob and the cast of Twilight, but she was so disappointed by how it turned out. What do you expect from a show that believes that  promoting shock value is cool?

As evidence of Pattinson’s growing popularity, the paparazzi has started to target the young actor. Working side by side with these amazing paps is TMZ which posted a video showing Rob and his friends after a night of club-hopping. What makes this incident quite amazing is that Pattinson managed to come out the big winner – – teasing the paps with his dry British humour and leaving them scratching their heads. There was even a drunk female fan who wanted to kiss the young actor. But Rob, in the most charming of ways, prevented the scene from becoming ugly by being nonchalant and accommodating. That’s what you call class!

But here’s the biggest reason why he’s at number one: tMF just confirmed what we already expected – – Robert’s portrayal of Salvador Dali in Little Ashes is his most impressive performance yet. The film is “stylish and first-rate” and the cast is just “outstanding”. [ more news coming up! ]

MDR ! En sommes le site, enfin celui ou celle qui a écrit son commentaire dit que Rob est un acteur montant et qu’il a cette classe si propre aux Britanniques… Vous savez leur fameux flegme… Enfin bref il  y est rapporté que Rob a toujours su rester maitre de lui même face à l’adversité ( Russel Brand, la fille enragée qui a voulu l’embrasser etc). En somme s’il est le grand gagnant c’est normal ( heu bah oui)

En gros Rob, il a la classe !!! Yes !

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